Healthy Baby? Common Toxic Chemicals You’re Probably Using

e66b15b2dc943594c15bf1614cb736cdMany parents purchase products specifically made for babies in an attempt to shield their child from unnecessary harsh chemicals that may harm their baby’s skin or eyes, or do so in an attempt to just be “healthier”. Unfortunately, many companies capitalize on a parent’s desire for healthy baby products without similar motivation themselves. Many products marketed for children contain chemicals that have been proven in many studies to contribute to cancer, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and many other ailments. Many of these chemicals bioaccumulate, meaning that they build up in the body over time, stored in fat cells. The longer these toxins build up, the more they effect one’s health. The graphic above shows the six most popular baby bath and body products along with the chemicals to check your labels for (and their associated health risks). A couple of my favorite products for little man are Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes and Natural Way Organics | Organic Baby Powder Lavender– both of which I get on Amazon.

Make sure to do the research when looking to try out new products for your baby. Even when you’re at the store, it takes a quick Google search from most phones to find out which chemicals are a risk to your child’s health.