Firstly, let me be clear on one point. My version of healthy is, perhaps, a loose adaptation of the word depending on your personal definition. I believe in real butter and you’ll never find skim milk in my kitchen. I make food with whole, fresh ingredients where possible, all organic, and I believe that making it at home from scratch is the best practice when you can make it happen. My dad is a diabetic, and wheat flours are hard on his sugar, so you’ll frequently find gluten free options among the recipes I try out. That being said…I love to bake, and sometimes I just make things because they taste good…tasty food is good for the soul.

This blog is a direct result of a Friday night in which I found myself home alone with the baby (5 months old at the time), my husband deployed, and the realization that there was literally nothing to do that a) sounded fun, and b) I could do with a 5-month-old baby in tow. I’d contemplated starting a blog to keep up with all of my random baby-, food-, and health-related ramblings…and here we are.

I am the wife of an amazing man who continually challenges me to be better. We met at a rooftop bar in San Diego, and four years + two babies later, all we can say is we love our story :). I’m the mother of two sons that blow my mind daily with their awesomeness. This sounds biased, but so many people have independently confirmed their awesomeness that I don’t really think it’s up for dispute. Lastly (or perhaps firstly), I am the daughter of two parents that did everything right. True story.

I’m a researcher by nature. I try to back up all of my opinions with reasonably well-vetted information where appropriate. I have a B.A. in communication and hobbies like weaving, being a voracious reader, experimenting in the kitchen and being obsessed with having a fully stocked craft room. With this intimate profile being established, take a look around!


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