I Feed My Baby Healthy Snacks…Right?

1395871_569048373142774_1590786347_nIn my new role as a mom I’ve tried to really be conscious of the chemicals and hormones that Little Man is exposed to. We’ve been an organic foods household for a long time, but I went into overdrive when I got pregnant. I was determined not to compromise on quality while growing our awesome baby…but kind of forgot that, if I was committed to that, I’d have to keep that up while breast feeding…and then on into his first foods.

Committing to organics and the rationale behind it isn’t so hard once you realize that you aren’t weird for not wanting poison on your food- that’s pretty logical. But what if the store doesn’t have your organic peaches and you really want to make peach cobbler (like this recipe!)? How ok are you with getting the “conventional” ones? (I hate that word…since when was spraying poison on food conventional?) What about all of this GMO craze- are genetically modified foods really safe? Well, if you’d rather ere on the side of caution, above are some great guidelines if you find yourself in a pinch.

If you aren’t familiar with GMOs, take a peek at this FAQ by the Non GMO Project. If you want to really dig in to the guts of the science behind the issues, check out GM Crops- Just the Science. The common argument is that labeling these foods will scare consumers that don’t understand what the term means- however, there are 64 other countries that know their citizens have the right to know what’s in their food and label their GMOs. 3 countries have banned GMO imports and cultivation altogether. See a list of all of these countries at the GMO Inside blog.


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